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For Parents

For Parents: Child Care Information

At Jade CDC, we understand how important it is to have a transparent and up-to-date understanding of exactly what’s going on in your child’s life at every moment; what they’re learning, how they’re developing, and more. Child care parent resources are even vital for bringing the learning home. We drop off the kids at day care programs, but it could be beneficial to have all of the information about child care you need in one place. We know this feeling all too well at Jade, and we wanted to come up with a solution.

That’s why we’ve created this parent portal of information about child care, making it easy to ‘check in’ with us at any time for absolutely every resource available to you about your child and what they’ve been up to. We want to ensure that we have child care information concerning both of our locations in Canton and Garden City, so no matter which programs your child is enrolled in, everything is right at your fingertips.

In this portal, you can expect things like:

  • Up-to-date information about the facilities (closings, upcoming events, etc.) 
  • Useful parenting articles/info 
  • Food menus 
  • Resourceful blogs/newsletters 
  • …and more! 

Consider the parent portal a one-stop resource for child care information for the Jade CDC Canton and Garden City locations. Together, we all work to encourage your child’s overall growth and learning capabilities. When kids are at Jade CDC, they are in good hands, and it’s our goal to make sure every parent takes comfort in knowing that.

Searching for more daycare information for parents? Get in touch with us via phone or by clicking here.